• Bespoke treehouse drawing for show garden, Bloom 2018
  • A crane lifts the prefabricated treehouse into place in Bloom 2018
  • Treehouse design takes centre stage in award winning show garden
  • Finished custom treehouse design & build in mature Irish Oak

Providing the complete range of design services

Our Treehouse design team provide the complete range of design, building and maintenance services. Along with treehouses we also offer design and build services for a wide range of bespoke high quality structures such as play towers, play houses, garden rooms, home offices, bridges etc. Also, through our parent company Plan Eden we design & build play gardens & play grounds, fully incorporating the play elements into a garden or landscape setting. We also offer onsite consultations on an hourly or daily basis for professional advice and overview of a proposed development.

Design plan for bespoke luxury treehouse in woodland play garden

Treehouse Design

Following initial consultation and agreement on design fee, and having considered the location, clients design brief and budget, Forest Wild will then produce detailed plans for your treehouse covering design concept and structural detailing along with a full costing and time frame for your project.

Mid build of custom treehouse and play garden with zip line and rope bridge

Treehouse Build

Using direct labour with a comprehensive panel of subcontractors available when required. Forest Wild offers a full treehouse build service, covering all elements of our designs. As with all aspects of our service, attention to detail and customer satisfaction are paramount. While on site, our staff constantly work to minimize disruption to the client.

Bespoke contemporary treehouse with zipline tower, rope bridge and climbing wall

Treehouse Maintenance

Forest Wild offers a full inspection and maintenance service for our structures. Treehouses, particularly built at a height must be cleaned and inspected at least annually, and particularly after stormy weather, for wear and tear, corrosion of fittings, expansion of the host tree, damage or weakening of the overhead canopy etc. We can then carry out any remedial works to keep your treehouse safe and in good condition.

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