• Bespoke adults treehouse design in the Irish countryside
  • Custom treehouse design plan and section drawings
  • Cosy children’s treehouse design plan in small Dublin garden
  • Quirky children’s treehouse design, with crow nest and swings
  • Elevated sea view entertaining deck with climbing wall, a unique structure for all ages


Rural Irish Treehouse Testimonial

Email from Cliona Dooge 10th Jan 2014

Dear Peter,
I built my first treehouse a long time ago when I was about 10. It may not have been beautiful but it was wonderful. I would now love an adult tree house with a bed, stove, chairs and a balcony, from which to watch the sunset over my beloved Dee. Over the years I have bought many books on the subject and was going to have a go myself but I believe I need an expert or it will never happen. Would you be interested in looking at the project for me?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and best wishes.
Cliona Dooge

Email from Cliona Dooge 26th Oct 2014

Dear Peter,
Just a quick note to say that the wonderful treehouse is up and running. I and some intrepid others have enjoyed wonderful nights sleep there. They say it is the warmest bedroom in Drumcar. I cannot disagree. The sound of rain is muted and soothing. I expected more tapping of branches but the predominant sound is different. I am working on recovering my fathers kitchen chair and next a table made from an old sewing machine that has been been gathering dust in the stables. Then it will be "fully furnished".

Who knows, there might even be poetry written there but for sure there is already magic!
Thank you

Treehouse Play Den Testimonial

Email from Marianne Sheahan Feb 2018

Dear Peter,
I can’t thank you enough for building our dream tree house and activity / play center. Family, friends and all who have seen it are blown away by the thought, level of detail, and carpentry skills that you and your team put into the design and building of the tree house.

We gave you a basic idea, which you completely brought to life and to a new level. It was incredibly refreshing to work with people that are so passionate and take such pride in their work.  I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a special, unique and bespoke creation for their space. Thank you in advance for the many years of happy memories it will bring our whole family and friends.

Marianne Sheahan

Aoife Kavanagh Testimonial

Email from Aoife Kavanagh 12th June 2018

Dear Peter,
I chose Plan Eden because I felt re-assured by Peter’s knowledge and capabilities from the start - both in terms of building and his sensitivity to the general surrounds and garden and overall sense of the importance of structure balanced with aesthetics.

You get the sense with Peter from the start that how things look and feel matter to him, and that he knows what he’s talking about.  I felt that from our first meeting, Peter took time to get a sense of what I really wanted and was willing to listen and make good suggestions – and I am really happy with the end product.

I also appreciated Peter’s professionalism throughout - he always arrived at agreed times, forwarded drawings as agreed, sent invoices etc. I also valued the fact that when I came up with an idea, Peter talked it through and sometimes re-directed me. I am very happy that he did so as those suggestions were better. Peter had encouraged us to take a long-term view of the project and so we incorporated a climbing wall for our son into the build thereby including him and his friends into the plan. This was a good idea as it makes it a better space for all of us now and into the future. Peter’s attention to detail, and the importance of how you feel in a space, meant that we incorporated details like a stair that winds around the space, to create more of a sense of anticipation. Details like this do make a difference.

Our original plan changed during the build as we discovered that the tree which was to come through the balcony was rotten, meaning it had to cut down. Peter was up front about this from the start and explained that he could not stand over building around a structure which was weak. I really appreciated early notice of this and the option to either go ahead or abandon the project. I am so happy we chose to go ahead.

I had read from other website testimonials that you would hardly notice Peter and his team around the house/working. I was amazed that this was indeed the case which enabled me to work at home and get on with things as normal. Peter’s team were so courteous and hard-working, and it is the case that you would barely notice them being around.

The real value for us is in making our home a much better place to be. Most of our outside living had been around the other side of the house, but since building the balcony we have changed how we are using our space. We love seeing the view so much we are outside more often and no matter how many times we go up there, we still appreciate what this new space gives us. Most people when they first go up there simply say ‘wow!’, something I still find myself saying no matter how many times I go up there.

The sense of extra space for dining, playing and for social gatherings since the balcony has gone up is great as we have a new living space we never had. The sense of enjoyment we are deriving daily from this addition outweighs the cost.

In the relative the size of projects Peter and his team are capable of doing, ours I imagine was relatively small. I have heard that the sign of a great build, however, is based on how it makes you feel. That being the case, this for us is our grand garden design, thanks to Peter and his team.

I recommend Peter and his team wholeheartedly for any project.
Aoife Kavanagh

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