• Bespoke luxury children’s treehouse design by Forest Wild Treehouses
  • Bespoke luxury treehouse interior designed by Forest Wild Treehouses
  • Luxury custom built treehouse with split level decks and built in seating
  • Exclusive treehouse garden lighting designed by Peter 0’Brien

Treehouse & Enchanted Wood Garden

Built for Bloom 2018, this treehouse garden is situated on a woodland slope and combines elements of stone water and wood, clothed in informal planting. The design looks to tap into our in-built connection with the primal forest in general and to treehouses in particular. Wood is the major element in the design, the warm tones of the spruce decks, Douglas fir bench, larch cladding and cedar roof shingles, work comfortably in any weather and with Irish light levels. The Green-man and wood-spirit carvings resonate again our connection to the forest and treehouses, helping to capture our imagination, young and old. The design is a garden for all ages, the luxuriant planting, artificial stream and outdoor and indoor seating providing a calm back to nature retreat for adults; while the treehouse and decks and rope bridge provide a magical space for kids to explore.

Bespoke luxury treehouse in designed woodland setting.

Playful Treehouse Design

The playful design of this bespoke treehouse was inspired by a combination of Dr. Seuss and the works of Tim Burton. The treehouse with its dramatically curved roof lines and quirky shapes, appears to come in to its own when placed in the thoughtfully designed woodland setting complete with a ropebridge, decks and mountain stream.

Bespoke luxury treehouse, decks and stream in designed woodland setting.

Bloom 2018 Treehouse

Bespoke luxury treehouse built for award-winning show garden at Bloom 2018. The “Enchanted Wood” garden was awarded a silver-gilt medal and best in class for a small garden design. The designer, Peter O’Brien of Forest Wild and Plan Eden Design, created a sloped woodland garden with mountain stream to locate the treehouse previously built as a demonstration model. watch video ›

Bespoke wood-spirit and green-man carvings designed for Forest Wild Treehouses.

Wood Carving Folklore

Forest Wild Treehouses show fine detailing in the wooden deck detailing and carvings. The Greenman carving surrounded by foliage is a symbol of rebirth or the cycle of growth each spring. The wood spirit carvings, traditionally on walking sticks, are legendary protectors of the forest and are believed to cast away evil and bad luck.

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