• Bespoke custom built children’s treehouse in mature Irish Oaks
  • Custom built multi-level children’s adventure treehouse in Ireland
  • Design sketch for custom build treehouse by Forest Wild Treehouses

Bespoke Treehouse

Built on several levels, this Dr. Seuss inspired treehouse design with its flared lines, bright colours and quirky window shapes, provides an inviting playhouse for children. Nestled between two mature oak trees, the treehouse is built on three levels, the first is a small interim deck, with ladder access from the ground and to the main playhouse and deck above, a third ladder then leads up through a trap door into the top level crow’s nest above. The treehouse also has a rope bridge or gantry access built on a branch leaning down to ground level.

A combination of ladders, trap doors and a rope bridge adds adventure to the children’s treehouse

Design Detail

The use of natural branch and rope work handrails together with the muted colours of the treehouse allow it to blend comfortably with the tree foliage, while the yellow oval door says enter!

When building, careful use of colour is important in blending the treehouse into the woodland

Quirky Treehouse

Details such as the flared building lines, rope bridge, trap door, and crow’s nest add an atmosphere of adventure to the treehouse.

The rope bridge gives an atmosphere of fun and adventure to this bespoke children’s treehouse

Rope Bridge

The main level of this custom built childrens treehouse is also accessed by a sweeping rope bridge constructed on an existing branch descending to ground level.

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